A 100% natural and a complete source of vitamin C

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DuoLife Vita C is a solution for those who are looking for an infallible way to improve their mood and complete their vitamin and minerals deficiencies, that is, to enjoy their life with full of energy!

DuoLife Vita C is the only product containing both L-ascorbic acid and fully natural vitamin C, which, thanks to its exceptional form, satisfies 100% of the demand for vitamin C. Thus, it permits to keep an optimal state of your body and significantly strengthens your immune system. Fully natural vitamin C is a source of health, energy and well-being – however, only under the condition that it is not modified and thereupon it keeps its left-handed form.

Unique ingredients of DuoLife Vita C

Malphigia glabra is one of the richest source of vitamin C. One of its fruit contains so much natural and L-ascorbic acid as a kilogram of lemons. It is considered a strong antioxidant which softens and makes your skin more supple as well as it prevents its aging.
Rosa canina contains 30-40 times more vitamin C than a citrus fruit. The fruit of rosa canina is an indispensable source of easily available vitamins, organic acids, mineral salts and antioxidants, therefore it has strengthening effects on our whole body.

Camu camu is a real wealth of natural vitamins. They contain 2500mg minimum of natural vitamin C in 100g, which make almost 2% of its mass! Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants and ascorbic acid which enhance our whole immune system.
Doktor Piotr Kardasz

dr Piotr Kardasz

Thanks to high content of pure vitamin C which may reach 700mg in a daily recommended intake, the dietary supplement DuoLife Vita C is a product which guarantees a full satisfaction of your body’s needs. The natural liquid form of a left-handed vitamin C which hasn’t been known before, gives more assimilability. A recommended daily intake is a guarantee of the immune system empowerment. DuoLife Vita C is indispensable for those all who want to raise the vitality of their organism, stimulate properly their immune system and provide a daily dose of energy.

Wiktor Stelmach

Prof dr and farm
Wiktor Stelmach

These days, more and more illnesses are getting common than it was a dozen of years ago, from colds to numerous chronic diseases. The vulnerability of our immune system is responsible for this situation. It is necessary to provide an adequate dose of vitamins and minerals in order to stimulate it properly. I recommend DuoLife Vita C to my patients as the only left-handed, fully natural vitamin C with such a concentration that it turns out to be efficient in the process of reconstruction and stimulation of our immune system.