Boosts reduction of weight, helps you maintain healty weight

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Thanks to its innovative formula and many ingredients, dietary supplement ProSlimer® allows to lose weight effectively. It stimulates metabolic processes, reduces adipose tissue and regulates body water balance. It also helps to keep a proper cholesterol level and stimulates digestive processes.

ProSlimer® supports weight reduction and then allows to keep it on the desired level, simultaneously equipping the body with vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper body functioning.

ProSlimer®- innovative diet supplement

Acai fruit extract – Açaí palm berries, thanks to the high content of fibre, accelerate metabolism and digestion processes, as well as they regulate the cholesterol level. They give the long period of satiety and help to control and slowly reduce the amount of the eaten calories. The abundance of vitamins in Açaí palm berries protects the organism from being impoverished during the process of slimming and makes us fancy the sweets less.

Goji berry extract – it keeps the proper blood sugar concentration and regulates the metabolism. It has a lot of dietary fibre which regulates the digestive system and improves its functioning. This extract contains B-Sitosterol, which prevents the cholesterol absorption, and unsaturated fatty acids including linoleic acid – helpful in slimming and omega-6 acid.

Garcinia cambogia extract – hydroxycitric acid in this extract stops the lipogenesis through making the liver store more energy, and as a consequence we have lower appetite and the meals become more filling. It stimulates the processes of thermogenesis, which accelerates burning of body fat and improves the metabolism of glucose and raises the efficiency of the organism during

Young barley extract – it contains live digestive enzymes which improve the functioning of the digestive system and it rationalises the metabolism as well as removes the toxins from the organism. It standardizes the level of the blood sugar lowering the risk of the diabetes and helping to keep the proper weight.

BioSlimer® – it supplements the diet with natural components helping to keep the proper weight. It is recommended for the people who fight with overweight and cellulite. It is also good at equipping the organism with indispensible vitamins and minerals.

Green coffee extract – reduces the appetite and thanks to caffeine and chlorogenic acid, it accelerates fat burning. It adds energy, accelerates the metabolism, helps to reduce the cellulite and also helps to keep the proper cholesterol level. Green coffee lowers the amount of sugar absorbed in the digestive system.

Chlorogenic acid – it is an organic compound of the polyphenols group, which slows down the secretion of glucose to the cardiovascular system. It efficiently prevents the excessive weight gain and storing fat through increasing the metabolism in the liver.
ProSlimer®- innovative diet supplement
Doktor Piotr Kardasz

Doctor Piotr Kardasz’s opinion

Thanks to its perfect amount of used ingredients, synergizing effect and a unique formula of ProSlimer®, which is a totally natural supplement, it regulates body sugar level effectively and reduces the effect of transformation of sugar into fat, simultaneously accelerating body metabolism.

Wiktor Stelmach

Professor Wiktor Stelmach’s opinion

Overweight and obesity have become a global problem. WHO warns that it is going to be the main cause of cancer in the near future. I recommend to my patients ProSlimer®, which unique ingredients allow to reduce excessive growth of adipose tissue naturally and effectively.