Supports your immune system, has an antioxidant effect

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Dietary supplement ProSelect® is characteristic for its ingredients which combine polyphenols, oxindole alkaloids, tannins, sterols and acetogenins. ProSelect® reduces the content of free radicals in blood which results in increased ability to antioxidate. It links toxins and helps to preserve a healthy liver.

Dietary supplement ProSelect® contains a patented ProSelect® formula, which means a selected richness of natural ingredients combined with a high level of antioxidants which simultaneously stimulate immune system and support nervous system.

ProSelect®- innovative diet supplement

Vilcacora extract intensely strengthens the immune system of the organism and helps to bring back the vital forces. Additionally, it regulates the metabolism and gives the daily dose of energy.

Graviola fruit extract improves the immune system and gives energy to optimize the daily functions of the organism. It favourably influences the immune system improving our mood and giving the energy.

Schitake mushroom extract intensely stimulates the immune system and rejuvenates the organism allowing it to look younger for a longer period of time and to be in a better mood. It is an exceptionally efficient antioxidant, which neutralizes the free radicals and slows the skin aging process.

ProSelect® thanks to the perfectly selected natural components and the patented formula, which is the rich source of antioxidants and nutrients strengthening the immune system, helps to remove the free radicals, toxins from the organism, to cleanse the blood and restore the vital forces.

Aprikot kernel extract standardized for the content of vitamin B17 – amygdalin, which effectively supports the immune system and helps to build the organism natural protection barrier.

Reishi extract helps to fight the physical and mental weariness influencing the improvement of the mood and alleviating the effect of stress. Reishi mushroom extract supports the immune system and helps to keep the hormone balance of the organism.
ProSelect®- innovative diet supplement
Doktor Piotr Kardasz

Doctor Piotr Kardasz’s opinion

Patented ProSelect® formula is characteristic for its careful choice of ingredients which guarantee a unique effectiveness. The richness of biologically active and adaptogenic substances of ProSelect® stimulates immune system a lot and regenerates self-repair mechanisms of our body on the cell level, together with creating antimutagenic barrier.

Wiktor Stelmach

Professor Wiktor Stelmach’s opinion

More and more people are in danger of cancer. According to the WHO research, the problem is getting to be worse. The solution is hidden in nature, which wisdom has been used in the dietary supplement ProSelect® which I recommend to my patients.