Strengthens resistance to stress and helps you regain emotional balance

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ProRelaxin® supplement, thanks to its well-balanced composition, helps to calm your nerves efficiently, makes it easier to fall asleep and reestablishes emotional balance. Owing to increased production of serotonin and dopamine it guarantees better mood and eliminates the feeling of being unwell..

ProRelaxin® stimulates correct work of central nervous system and evidently increases our stress tolerance.

ProRelaxin®- innovative diet supplement

ProRelaxin® – is recommended in the states of general tiredness and nervous exhaustion. It provides a lot of precious components influencing the nervous tension states soothingly. It also proves the relaxing activity in the general excitement state and it brings back a good sleep and makes it longer.

Spirulina – thanks to the complex of vitamins from group B, including vitamin B12, it perfectly regenerates the cells of the central nervous system. Natural spirulina is characterised by the high assimilation on the level of 85% – 95%. Not only can spirulina, consisting of complete amino acids, contribute to the regeneration of the nervous system but also it can protect brain cells.

Maca root extract – it is a source of the well – assimilable protein. Just as ginseng, it belongs to the plants with adaptogenic properties. Furthermore, this root is helpful in the lower mood and nervous tension states. It even facilitates the cognitive processes.

Lavender flowers extract – it is a rich source of essential oils, which settle down the heart rate and increase its immunity. This extract proves the relaxing activity and makes falling asleep easier. It restores the balance of the central nervous system and lowers the feeling of fear and nervous irritation.

Powdered hops – they contain aromatic resin (lupulin), essential oil, bitter substances and other components with the soothing properties. They are effective in the problems with falling asleep. They improve the quality of our sleep and they ease the irritability through slowing down the cerebral cortex activities. They also make it difficult for the stimuli from the peripheral nerves to be sent to the brain.

Crocus flower extract – it is used in falling asleep problems. It increases the concentration of serotonin and dopamine in the nervous system. It positively influences the lower mood and restores the emotional balance.

Powdered lemon balm leaves – they contain terpenes, which have a positive impact on the central nervous system. They help to keep the mental and physical balance. They soothe the nervous system in nervous exhaustion moments and they ease anxiety states.

L-Tryptophan – it is amino acid, which is essential for the proper functioning of the organism and in the production of serotonin in the brain. It is recommended in insomnia problems and in the lower mood. It increases the production of the hormones responsible for keeping good mental condition, quiet sleep and the regeneration of the organism.
ProRelaxin®- innovative diet supplement
Doktor Piotr Kardasz

Doctor Piotr Kardasz’s opinion

Thanks to its harmonious combination of biologically active substances coming only from natural farming which are equipped with a unique formula, diet supplement ProRelaxin® allows to strengthen nervous system efficiently and, simultaneously, eliminate mental fatigue.

Wiktor Stelmach

Professor Wiktor Stelmach’s opinion

Continuous stress and nervous tension, which accompany our everyday, become a problem of a big part of our population. Our nature can help offering many products that can efficiently take care of a proper work of our nervous system. Their power has been used in the diet supplement ProRelaxin® which I strongly recommend to my patients.