Balances photophobia, eliminates nausea, improves mood and concentration

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Dietary supplement ProMigren® is a perfect source of adjuvants which support the proper functioning of central nervous system. Improving general condition of the body it increases its immunity against negative extrinsic factors. It has a positive effect on production of serotonin and dopamine responsible for proper mental activity.

All ingredients included in the dietary supplement ProMigren® support naturally proper functioning of nervous system and stimulate body immune system.

ProMigren®- innovative diet supplement

ProMigren® – proves to have a positive influence on the disordered metabolism in mitochondria and the higher level of the energy consumption in the brain tissue. It improves the metabolic processes through eliminating the feeling of tiredness, weariness and drowsiness. It efficiently protects the nervous system from the negative activity of external factors.

Riboflavin – it is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and it takes part in oxidization and reduction processes. It has a positive impact on the production of neurotransmitters such as: serotonin, dopamine and y-Aminobutyric acid. Riboflavin visibly supports the production of the energy in the brain cells.

Golden root extract – it shows the adaptogenic activity increasing the organism resistance to stress and other negative environmental factors. It has the positive influence on the memory and cognitive processes. It also facilitates concentration and perception. This extract influences the increase of the mental efficiency. It owes its biological activity to salidroside and rosavin.

Feverfew extract – it supports the proper functioning of the nervous system contributing to the reduction of the feeling of weariness and fatigue. It helps to keep the mental efficiency on the proper level. Due to its wide spectrum of effects it was called a „medieval aspirin”.

Evening primrose seeds extract – it efficiently protects us from anxiety states and thunderclap headaches. It soothes the emotions and even improves the mood. That is why, it is recommended in the low mood periods and in the strong nervous tension.
ProMigren®- innovative diet supplement
Doktor Piotr Kardasz

Doctor Piotr Kardasz’s opinion

ProMigren® is a unique, as far as ingredients and its scope of activity is concerned, dietary supplement which soothes all kinds of neurologic and metabolic disorders. Due to exceptional formula of adaptogenic ingredients, it reduces migraine headaches, sensitivity to noise and nausea but it also improves mood and concentration.

Wiktor Stelmach

Professor Wiktor Stelmach’s opinion

It is a big challenge to be able to cope with everyday activities, especially those requiring concentration and effort, for people who suffer from migraine headaches. In such cases natural medicine can help offering safe and effective solutions. I recommend to my patients a dietary supplement ProMigren® which occurred to be very effective.