Regulates lipid parameters and facilitates fats distribution

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Diet supplement ProCholterol® is a plentiful source of natural substances that allow to regulate and preserve cholesterol on the optimal level. Protection against circulatory system, veins and heart diseases makes it a non-substitutable help for people who suffer from cardiovascular problems. It regulates lipid economy and distributes fat easier protecting against deposition of fat on the walls of blood vessels.

ProCholterol® – innovative diet supplement

Amla fruit extract is an excellent product that strengthens your heart. Amla is a natural antioxidant and one of the best C vitamin sources in a natural form. It is known for its strong antibacterial activity and it is also a good source of chromium, zinc and copper.
Garlic extract effectively reduces cholesterol and triglicerydes level and preserves their required value. Garlic has great influence on circulatory system and prevents calcification of veins. It consists of carbohydrates, protein, mineral elements, volatile oils and C, A, B1, B2 and PP vitamins. Because of the high amount of calcium, garlic has deacidification properties.
Red fermented rice – effectively regulates cholesterol synthesis and its level in plasma. It reduces cholesterol synthesis in the liver and increases LDL particles capture, which results in reduced level of “bad” cholesterol. It works the same way with triglicerydes. It is also an important diet element which protects heart and circulatory system.
Beta-Sitosterol – it is often used to reduce the level of cholesterol, which allows to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Beta-Sitosterol regulates the level of cholesterol absorbtion by intestines. It is mostly recommended for those who use a low saturated fats diet.
Brahmi extract – effectively reduces fatty acids oxidation in blood which is known to be one of the main cause of heart diseases. It is a plentiful source of phytosterols, flavonoids and triterpenoid glycosides.
Gynostemma – has strong regulatory properties. It consists of many amino acids, vitamins and minerals, such as selenium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron and phosphor. It has strong antioxidant properties, which help to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, increases heart action, supports liver activity but also accelerates its regeneration.
ProCholterol® – is rich in folic acid, amino acid required for correct oxidation of „bad” cholesterol, which is responsible for dangerous atherosclerotic changes. It effectively regulates lipid and fat economy reducing deposition of fat on the walls of blood vessels.
Doktor Piotr Kardasz

Doctor Piotr Kardasz’s opinion

Indefectible way to preserve a healthy circulatory system is to take care of a good lipid and fat balance in your body. Unfortunately, more and more young people suffer from different health problems that result from unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Products which can help our body become a form of a rescue. ProCholterol®, as a diet supplement, is an excellent combination of natural elements which are highly effective in regulating the level of cholesterol and triglicerydes.

Wiktor Stelmach

Professor Wiktor Stelmach’s opinion

Circulatory system diseases are one of those which, at an alarming rate, reap a harvest of many lives. The factor which is the main cause of such situation is an imbalance of a lipid and fat economy in our body. An effective way to regulate this balance is ProCholterol®, a diet supplement, which is characteristic for its numerous natural elements which allow to preserve cholesterol and triglicerydes on a required level.